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Lumigenex Participated in 2015 AACC Annual Meeting

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Lumigenex had participated in AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo since 2009, and this year Lumigenex exhibited its POCT product for the first time at booth. Distributors, clinical institutions and hospitals all over the world showed great interest and expressed long-term cooperation intention on its rapid and sensitive quantitative POCT system.
At this AACC annual meeting, Lumigenex negotiated not only with its current partners from Europe and America, but also other clients who showed cooperation willingness. For the coming year, Lumigenex will focus on market development in Europe and research programs in North America.


April 2014

Lumigenex receives CFDA approval for four POCT immunoassay kits to help physicians quickly and accurately diagnose heart diseases.

March 2014

Lumigenex receives CFDA approval for five immunoassay reagents adaptable to most chemical analyzers.

February 2014

Lumigenex received CFDA approval for time-resolved fluorescence immunochromatographic analyzer.

January 2014

Dr. He Aimin was named "National Thousand Talents Program"

December 2013

Lumigenex access to "high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province" title.

September 2013

Lumigenex passed The first Food and Drug Administration by the Suzhou Municipal Quality Management System Assessment.