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Lumigenex will be at the 17th CACLP Exhibition this August

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  CACLP Expo supported by the medical laboratory branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, was launched in 2002 on the basis of the "First National Association for the production, supply and marketing of laboratory supplies" in Haikou Post Building, Hainan Province in 1990 National industry event. With the development of laboratory medicine industry, it provides an effective platform for scientific and technological exchange, cooperative development and market expansion for the production, R & D and operation of laboratory medicine and blood transfusion products. Under the leadership of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, the joint efforts of all member units and the strong support of colleagues in the whole industry, with the introduction of standardized and international management, the scale of the exhibition has expanded year by year, and gradually introduced the attention and participation of the international industry.

  CACLP Expo is a grand gathering with professional characteristics and strength to focus on the production, sales and business performance of laboratory medicine and blood transfusion products industry. It is also a national industry event with great industry influence, and a brand meeting for comprehensive display of products in laboratory medicine and blood transfusion products industry. At the same time, it is also an important platform for people in the industry to strengthen friendship, sell and ask for products. During the exhibition, relevant academic seminars were held and relevant experts were invited to give special lectures. CACLP Expo closely around the characteristics of the industry, based on the development of the industry, provides convenience for the direct communication of experts, exhibitors, business units and hospital related personnel, also promotes the new technology and new products to be put into clinical use better, faster and more effectively. The communication and cooperation between units play a role of bridge, Monument and link, which has a wide and far-reaching impact on the Chinese laboratory medicine industry.

  The establishment of the new company aims to create a more high-quality international in vitro diagnosis exhibition and exchange platform, and further improve the ability and level of high-quality service for the majority of in vitro diagnosis exhibitors at home and abroad. The new platform fully inherits all the culture, business and mission of caclp, and shoulders the historical responsibility of caclp in developing international IVD field.

  CACLP takes promoting IVD industry technology exchange, industrial progress, helping products better enter the market as its own responsibility, with the power of the brand to help enterprises' pre behavior goals, to strengthen enterprise cooperation with the tentacles of the whole industry chain as the purpose, the promotion of new products and technologies above, in the middle and lower reaches as the direction, and to help the healthy development of IVD industry as the leading. With the theme of "intelligence, integration and innovation", the 17th CACLP Expo focused on 5G medical and artificial intelligence, witnessed top technologies such as intelligence, mobile, cloud, IOT, and promoted the innovation and development of IVD industry.

Mar. 2014

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Feb. 2014

CFDA approvals for time-resolved fluorescence immunochromatographic analyzer were obtained

Sep. 2013

Lumigenex passed The first Food and Drug Administration by the Suzhou Municipal Quality Management System Assessment