In 2012, Lumigenex set up infection control public service platform, authorized by Suzhou Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and was awarded by Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau as infection control and product engineering technology research center.

Lumigenex spent nearly 3 million on various infection control analysis instruments and research equipment for industrialization guarantee. The company has a laboratory with more than 700 square meters area, equipped with A2-level biological safety cabinet, liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LC-MS), UV/Vis spectrophotometer, desk centrifuge, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, microplate ELISA reader, electrophoresis and blotting apparatus, light scattering instrumentation, ultrasonic processor, flow cytometry, real-time quantitative PCR, fluorescence microscope, phase-contrast microscope, ultra-low temperature freezer, clean bench, CO2 incubator, bacteriological incubator. The company has obtained a number of patents, whose research and development are involved in various fields, including development of new sporicidal reagent based on embedding technique, non-antibiotic antimicrobial, anti-infective catheters and antimicrobial coating materials.

Price List of Lumigenex Microbiology Research & Testing Centre

.Aerobic plate counts
.Pseudomonas aeruginosa
.Anaerobic plate counts .Antimicrobial test of disinfectants/antiseptics
.Yeast and mould counts .Determination of minimal inhibitory concentrations
.Spore counts
.Skin irritation test
.Staphylococcus aureus .Shelf-life test
.Salmonella .Challenge tests
.Coliforms .HPLC-MS
.Escherichia coli .RT-PCR

Mar. 2014

CFDA approvals for five immunoassay reagents adaptable to most chemical analyzers were obtained

Feb. 2014

CFDA approvals for time-resolved fluorescence immunochromatographic analyzer were obtained

Sep. 2013

Lumigenex passed The first Food and Drug Administration by the Suzhou Municipal Quality Management System Assessment